Improbable Book Summary – Adam Fawer

Improbable Book Summary - Adam Fawer
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“Improbable” is a science fiction novel written by Adam Fawer and published in 2005. The novel focuses on David Caine’s enhanced probability calculation ability, which he gains as a result of a series of experimental treatments. Thanks to this ability, Caine can predict the future and calculate the probabilities of events.

Summary of Improbable Book 

David Caine is a specialized education lecturer in probability theories, and his weakness lies in a gambling addiction. Believing he can always win using probability theories, he finds himself in an almost impossible situation when he loses in his last game, owing thousands of dollars to the Russian mafia. Constantly having seizures due to brain problems, he becomes unable to perform his job. He receives an offer for experimental treatment but hesitates due to the probability of schizophrenia. His brother, Jasper, describes how terrifying schizophrenia is, but Caine, thinking he has no other way out, starts using the medication.

CIA agent Nava Vaner makes a living by selling classified information to other secret services. However, things go wrong in her last sale, and she is reassigned to mandatory duty from the CIA to the NSA. Knowing she will die if she doesn’t provide valuable information to the Korean secret service, she starts searching for useful information on the NSA’s computers. She discovers Dr. Tversky’s research, but NSA’s president Forsythe also possesses this information.

Dr. Tversky believes that by enhancing the human brain and memory, the future can be foreseen, and he conducts an experiment with his student. However, the experiment goes wrong, and the girl dies. Before dying, she tells what needs to be done. Dr. Tversky disposes of the girl’s body and starts to fulfill the tasks she mentioned.

Caine believes that all these events related to Dr. Tversky’s disappearance and death in the experiment are a result of schizophrenia originating from his imagination. He talks to his brother and realizes it’s real. When he closes his eyes, he sees the future and thinks there’s no point in escaping. They catch up with him, but Caine devises a perfect plan to escape.

Caine implements his escape plan and confuses his pursuers. He tricks them with letters, phones, and leaving only his voice. Everything that seems impossible happens. The probability of Caine surviving is high, but without a small chance, there is no chance of survival.

Adam Fawer’s novel “Improbable” is a work that blends improbable events we encounter in life with science, philosophy, and reality. The novel deeply explores the role of chance and probabilities in our lives.

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